An evening walk on Whitchurch Down.

So my humans took me to one of the local, popular walking spots (excuse the pun) around Tavistock. It was dusk and it had been a warm and sunny spring day. Dusk was starting to settle.

I love walking around here as I get to see lots of my Doggy friends. I think my humans like it too as they always seem happy here. They often stop for no apparent reason and crouch in funny positions taking pictures.

So while they are taking the pictures I have to amuse myself. Plenty of sniffing to do and lots of playing as well. I love it when I find friends I can run around with. Only problem is it's thirsty work.

I'm sure the ponies won't mind me using their water bowl. WOW, it's a big one. I did after all bring my own straw!!!!!

Until next time....... play safe and have lots and lots of fun. Lottie. xx