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Carpet Cleaning Launceston

Updated: May 7, 2020

If you need a carpet cleaned and are looking for a carpet cleaning service in the Launceston area, Halls Premier Carpet Care are ideally placed to help with your needs. Located in Tavistock, we offer a friendly, professional service.

Carpet Cleaning Launceston

Carpets are a major investment and need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. The carpets and soft furnishings in a home or business can be a major investment, and like all investments, need looking after.

Taylor Made Packages For Any Need

No two jobs are the same so we have we have several packages to suit every need. We will always try and clean within our ethos of using ecologically beneficial cleaning solutions and place this at the forefront of our business. To check out our various different cleaning packages click here.

Lay A White Sheet On Your Carpet And Walk On It For Two Years

It's probably impossible to imagine how dirty it would be, despite it being vacuumed on a regular basis. It's never ideal to allow that amount of dirt to build up in your home. The only reason you can't see the dirt on your carpets is because it had lodged itself deep in the pile, gradually building up, causing increased wear. Go to our what's lurking in your carpet blog for more information on the nasties that will be hiding in your carpets pile.

Carpet Cleaning Launceston

Why not add carpet protection after your carpets have been cleaned to keep your carpets looking cleaner for longer. Click here for more details. For the ultimate in carpet care consider our perfect care package. We can also offer this package as a maintenance plan where you pay a monthly fee and never have to worry about looking after your carpet today.

Call today to discuss your carpet cleaning needs in the Launceston area. We will happily visit on site in order to provide advice and a quotation.

Call 01822 614750 today

Carpet Cleaning Launceston

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