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Frequently Asked Questions for carpet, upholstery & rug cleaning in Tavistock, Okehampton, Launceston,

West Devon & East Cornwall


How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Regularly!  Carpets contain soil & debris.  Regular vacuuming helps to remove some soil particles, but any carpet containing soil particles will be causing wear to the carpet's fibres long before you can see dirt in or on the carpet.  

Professional cleaning removes these particles & aside from providing peace of mind, regular professional cleaning will extend the life of your carpet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of carpet manufacturers recommend domestic use carpets are professionally cleaned (by hot water extraction)

every 12 - 18 months.


How long will it take the carpet to dry?

Carpets are typically fully dry within 3 -8 hours.  Drying time depends on several factors; the type & density of the carpet, weather conditions, indoor temperature, etc.  


Can I walk on my carpet straight away?

Yes.  You can walk on your carpet immediately after cleaning, but as the carpet may take 3 - 8 hours to dry fully, extra care must

be taken when walking from carpeted areas to non carpeted areas - a little moisture may be on the soles of shoes or slippers, increasing the risk of slipping.  We will always caution you about this at the end of any job & provide you with a fact sheet for

aftercare as well.


What should . . . (or shouldn't) I do if a spill something on my carpet before calling Hall's Premier Carpet Care?

The general rule is to do very little before calling us.  In most cases, blotting the stain with a soft absorbent cloth is the best thing

to do.  Don't be tempted to rub the carpet as this can cause irreversible damage.  We don't recommend using any stain removal product which can be purchased from the hardware store or supermarket as these tend to leave a residue,

caused by an pH imbalance, which will quickly attract dirt.  In some cases, depending on the product, they can 'set' a stain in. 


What about cleaning my own carpets?

We don't recommend this!  We've all seen what promises 'professional' machines for hire at the Supermarket, Electrical or

DIY store, which claim results are great & can save you money, but is this really the case?  


The honest answer is probably not!  


So you can make an informed decision, let us enlighten you with some facts, so you can decide whether to hire a machine & do it

yourself, or employ a specialist carpet cleaning firm. 

Hire machines are small & there's a good reason for this - if it's too big you won’t be able to lift it, or fit it in your car.  Being so small

(& light) also means it's power is limited.  We appreciate how anyone might believe one carpet cleaning machine is the same as any

other, but actually there are substantial differences between types of machines & more substantial differences in the results.

Does size really matter? 

YES!  Professional machines, which are not available to hire from the supermarket, DIY, tool hire or electrical stores are much larger

because they have more powerful motors, pumps & vacuums.  Combined with the expertise of a specialist, this allows a significantly 

better result to be achieved.

Essentially, the vacuum, heat level & water pressure are much greater, ultimately leaving carpets significantly cleaner, brighter & drier. A specialist also comes with specialist knowledge, a wealth of experience & appropriate training.  For your added peace of mind,  Halls Premier Carpet Care are also fully insured.

Before considering whether to hire or buy a machine, check the terms & conditions of your household insurance - most Insurers exclude damage caused by you whilst in the course of cleaning or restoration.  If something goes wrong there may not be assistance available from your household Insurer.

Hire machine advertising will do it's best to persuade you to hire a machine & do it yourself.  Our advice is to ignore the suggestively amazing sales videos & literature.  Essentially, it is impossible to achieve the same result with a hire machine as you'll get from a genuine, professional machine & a specialist operative.

A thought . . .   If these hire machines are as effective as their advertising would have you believe, why does no carpet manufacturer

recommend them & why does no experienced professional use them?  In many cases the total cost, which includes; the price of hire, purchasing the chemicals, cost of fuel to collect & return the machine & also the time & effort is not much lower than hiring a professional. 

If we really believed a 'do it yourself' hire machine could do the same job as a professional machine, we wouldn't have spent thousands of pounds investing in professional equipment.  Put simply, the reason we've invested in professional equipment is because hire machines do not do the same job & we are passionate about delivering truly exceptional results. 

Are there hidden dangers I should be aware of?  YES!

1)   Poor results – due to lack of power from the machines

2)   Damp carpets for days – causing smells

3)   Mould build up – due to incorrect cleaning attempts

4)   Delaminated carpets – caused by overwetting

5)   Browning discolouration – caused by overwetting

6)   Shrinkage – caused by excessive moisture

7)   Rapid re-soiling – caused by high residue content of detergent left behind


Mould spores could be left behind which, when breathed in can cause health issues.  Also, there is a danger of physical damage

to the carpet, ruining it's appearance, rather than enhancing it.  So, whilst the thought of saving a few pounds might have some appeal, in the long run, is it cost effective?  We say not!