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All about dustmites for carpet cleaning in Tavistock, Okehampton, Yelverton, Launceston, West Devon & East Cornwall

Dust Mites - The Invisible Enemy


Did you know . . .

                                                                                      Most harmful & deadly contaminates in your home are invisible to the naked eye!


It is widely known the common dust mite is the reason you need to clean frequently & treat certain areas of your home with an anti-allergen.                               


We spend most of our time indoors, usually in our homes & about a third of our lives in bed!  

Skin!  We shed a layer of skin every few days & this dead skin is a good food source for dust mites.  Like any other living being, dust mites leave behind waste matter.

A dust mite molts several times during its' life, producing over 200 times it's own weight in waste alone!  In fact, a single dust mite will produce 40 - 100 fecal pellets every day.  These pellets are coated in an enzymatic slimy substance, which after drying become mixed with other particles creating 70% of the dust in your home.

A dust mite lays over 300 eggs, which go on to produce even more dust mites, all doing the same thing.  Since dust contains such harmful contaminates, you can just imagine the

effect this has, not to mention those with asthma, emphysema & other breathing problems.

Over 2 million dust mites live in the average home & that number continues to grow the longer you wait to clean & treat a home.