We operate extensively throughout West Devon & East Cornwall, covering the following areas; Tavistock, Yelverton, Horrabridge, Bere Alston, Princetown, Mary Tavy, Okehampton, Plymouth, Launceston, West Devon, East Cornwall to about a 25 mile radius. 

The services we offer include; carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, leather cleaning, fibre & fabric protection.  Caravan & boat furnishings cleaning.  Hard floor cleaning & maintenance.  

Carpet Cleaning Tavistock, Carpet Cleaning Okehampton, Carpet Cleaning Launceston,

Carpet Cleaning Yelverton, Carpet Cleaning Bere Alston

How to select a Carpet Cleaner

How do I choose a Carpet Cleaner? 

There's not a lot of information available about carpet & upholstery

cleaning, so it can be confusing to know how or who to choose.  


We've put together some guidelines to help you - after all, we usually 

trust someone we don't know in our homes with our valued possessions.   

  • How experienced are they

  • Have they completed any training courses & can they provide details

  • Is the business a member of any trade associations, such as TACCA (The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association) or is the individual a member of BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science)

  • What equipment & products are used & how do they work

  • Do they have public liability insurance if something goes wrong

  • Will they come & clean again, free of charge if the result is unsatisfactory - not all stains will be fully removable, but an experienced, honest carpet cleaner will be able to tell you what the result is likely to be, particularly for spots & stains BEFORE they start the job

Is cheap is good enough? - You usually get what you pay for.  While any clean may appear to improve appearance, a quick 'splash' & 'dash' job could leave the carpet in a poorer state later on.  

It doesn't follow that the cheapest carpet cleaner is the best!  Before asking a carpet cleaner into your home, check their process along with the products they use & ask them how long the job will take.  

Buyer Beware!  We're aware of carpet cleaners advertising for as little as £19.99 a room.  A bargain?  Ask yourself how it's possible for anyone to make a living unless the time & care spent on your carpet is significantly reduced or an intentional 'up sale' takes place once

in your home, called bait & switch (a form of fraud).

What is true is that the best job is not usually the cheapest and the cheapest job is not usually the best.