We operate extensively throughout West Devon & East Cornwall, covering the following areas; Tavistock, Yelverton, Horrabridge, Bere Alston, Princetown, Mary Tavy, Okehampton, Plymouth, Launceston, West Devon, East Cornwall to about a 25 mile radius. 

The services we offer include; carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, leather cleaning, fibre & fabric protection.  Caravan & boat furnishings cleaning.  Hard floor cleaning & maintenance.  

Carpet Cleaning Tavistock, Carpet Cleaning Okehampton, Carpet Cleaning Launceston,

Carpet Cleaning Yelverton, Carpet Cleaning Bere Alston

                                                                               Carpets are a major investment so we all want them to keep looking their best and

                                                                               this is why they benefit from having a specialist look after them.

                                                                               The benefits

                                                                               Regular carpet cleaning will keep your carpets hygienic, clean & fresh which, in turn 

                                                                               aids good air quality in your home & helps to prolong the carpet's lifespan.  


                                                                               We believe in honesty & integrity.  For this reason, one of our processes is listed below                                                                                             There is not much information in the public arena about carpet & upholstery cleaning.  


As  a nation, we are generally very trusting & expect to be treated the same way we treat others, so it can  be difficult to know 

what we should be looking for in a carpet cleaner, the process & equipment used & importantly, the result.  To assist, we have

created a guide.  Please refer to our page, Choosing a Carpet Cleaner. 

We use several different cleaning processes.  The type of cleaning system we recommend will depend on the carpet & also

the type & level of soiling.  We can advise you on the most effective cleaning process & product for your carpet & importantly,

will recommend a process to suit your individual requirement.  

For example, although hot water extraction, (steam cleaning) is highly effective, we can also use a low moisture system or encapsulation.


We have been achieving outstanding results by using either a micro splitting product or a colloid followed by hot water

extraction. Below, we have listed the process with micro splitting technology, but if you wish to know the 'science' element

of any product we use, please ask us. 

Here's one of our processes; hot water extraction, using micro splitting technology -

  • Pre-vacuum.  A professional, heavy duty vacuum removes remaining dry soil particles

  • Specific stain removal.  Specific stains are hand treated with the relevant product

  • Pre Conditioning.  Highly effective, unrivalled results with a remarkable product - your                                                                        carpet is treated with an ecological pre-spray which is free from enzymes, detergents                                                                   or solvents – a unique cleaning & conditioning process which ‘microsplits’ soil binders

  • Agitate Carpets.  A specialised machine agitates the carpet, thoroughly working the                                                                               pre-spray into the carpet & then lifts & separates the pile in preparation for extraction

  • Hot Water Extraction.  Hot water is injected deep into the carpet’s fibres under high pressure.  A built-in powerful vacuum extracts the hot water, cleaning solution & soiling, leaving the carpet hygienic, clean & with an improved appearance,       usually reinvigorating the carpet’s ‘bounce’ & restoring lustre.

An incredibly comprehensive cleaning service.

Protection.  Why not have your carpets protected with a stain protector, which provides an effective barrier against stains & 

spills, preventing them from being absorbed into the carpet before they can cause more permanent damage.  An excellent product, helping to protect your carpets, rugs & upholstery.

NB: Stain protection effectiveness diminishes over time.  It will be completely ineffective within 5 years & will require

re-application every few years.

Drying.  Powerful air moving equipment is carried, which will be used where appropriate to aid drying & reduce drying times.