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Carpet & Upholstery Protection

We are able to apply a protective finish to your carpets and furnishings. This can be applied after cleaning or can be applied to new furnishings as well. The benefits of applying protector include reducing wear and tear prolonging the life of your furnishings, better results when your furnishings are cleaned and maintained and easier removal of soiling and stains when cleaning takes place,

We will usually use a water based solution of fluoro-chemical nano-particles which cure in air to form a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces.

The protection will protect against penetration by oil or water based contaminants making the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces much easier, most stains can be wiped away. The protection is long lasting but will be reduced over time depending on wear, the amount of traffic and method and frequency of cleaning. Aggressive cleaners and high temperature are not required when cleaning and thier use will reduce the lifetime and effectiveness of the protective effects.

Carpet and Upholstery Protection Tavistock