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Aftercare for carpet cleaning in Tavistock, Okehampton, Yelverton, Launceston, West Devon & East Cornwall

Important information regarding After Care

We'll provide helpful advice & guidelines after we've cleaned your carpets & upholstery.  We can also provide you with a fact sheet, but for ease, we've listed this information is listed below.  



Extra care should be taken when stepping from carpet onto hard surfaces.  Although the carpet will be nearly dry, moisture on the soles of shoes/slippers can create a slip hazard.  To reduce any potential slip hazard, we recommend a mat is placed near any area where cleaned carpet meets hard floor, to dry the soles of shoes/slippers. 

We recommend a warning is issued to anybody entering the cleaned area to take extra care - they may not be aware of a slip hazard.

Avoid wearing outdoor footwear on newly cleaned carpet until the carpet is fully dry - usually 3-8 hours, depending on air temperature, ventilation etc.

Keep rooms as warm as possible & ensure there is adequate ventilation as this will assist drying times.  In warmer months, doors & windows can be opened as air movement will greatly assist drying times.

Any item of furniture we move will be left on protective, waterproof pads to ensure there is no 'bleed' from wood stain, dye, or rust from metal feet, wheels or castors.  Don't be tempted to move furniture or protective pads until the carpet is completely dry.  We usually recommend removal of the pads the following day. 

Furniture with flat bases, such as book cases, wall units, wardrobes are not generally be moved but if they were, they should not be replaced onto damp carpet, as this may lock in moisture, which could lead to mildew, mould & associated problems.


Freshly cleaned cushions should not be placed directly against radiators or other heat sources as this can 'set in' heat marks.

Allow loose cushions to dry fully before replacing onto the suite.  Loose cushions should be placed on a dry floor, with the zip end on the floor (unless the carpet as been cleaned as well) with the cushions lightly resting against each other, so air circulation can dry both sides of the cushion.  Move/turn cushions regularly to allow air circulation to the whole cushion.

Upholstery linings & product tags can contain loose dyes.  To avoid any dye transfer, cushions should be kept off the frame of the suite until they are fully dry.

General information regarding drying

Drying times will vary for carpets & upholstery depending on the type of fibre, density of pile, level of soiling, room temperature, air circulation, room ventilation & the type of cleaning process.